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Wednesdays 7-8:15pm
June 7th-July 9th

Ladies, this is the course your Pelvic Floor has been waiting for! In this 6 part Restorative Yoga Series with the help of the Fix Founder, Veteran restorative Yoga teacher and holistic health advisor, Katelyn Hasley you'll dive into pelvic floor anatomy, diaphragmatic breathing, anti-inflammatory nutrition, bladder training, address issues of urgency and frequency, prolapse, posture correction and alignment, proper pelvic floor contraction and relaxation techniques, hypotonic and hypertonic yoga poses and exercises to stretch, lengthen, stabilize and strengthen the multiple layers of the pelvic floor, reduce intra-abdominal pressure that can leads to organ prolapse, regulate blood pressure and restore the nervous system to the para-sympathetic state and more. Track your progress with mindfulness tools, learn about recommended self-care products and so much more.

This series will repeat once every 6 weeks. You can attend individual classes but it is recommended that you attend each session as there will be new information and education shared as well as new issues addressed each week and new exercises taught to be practiced on-your-own each week to restore pelvic floor function and health.

6 Week Series $108

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