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At The Fix, we understand that everyone has unique needs and schedules, which is why we offer flexible class pass and membership options to accommodate your lifestyle.

Additionally, we invite you to consider making a meaningful impact by sponsoring a local child's tuition. We believe that fostering creativity and expression in children contributes significantly to their overall confidence and well-being. Through your sponsorship, you can provide a local child with the opportunity to join our enriching classes and camps, where they not only learn to "fly" in the literal sense through aerial arts but also develop essential skills that extend beyond the classroom. Join us in making a positive difference by sponsoring a child's access to a world of growth and self-discovery at The Fix, details below.

Sponsor a Child's Journey in Movement

Empower a local child's dream through our sponsorship program at The Fix. Every child deserves the chance to experience the joy and growth that come from our classes and camps. Your sponsorship can open doors for young minds to explore aerial arts and yoga, fostering not just physical skills but also confidence and creativity.


Empower a local child's dreams by sponsoring their access to The Fix's classes in Oakdale, CA. Every child deserves the joy and growth that come from exploring aerial arts and yoga.

Your sponsorship invests in their future, fostering not just physical skills but also confidence and creativity. By supporting a local child, you're contributing to a lifelong love for fitness and self-expression. Join us in making a difference and bring the gift of movement to a child's life.

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Soar with Our 10-Class Aerial Pass

Elevate your aerial arts experience with our exclusive 10-Class Aerial Pass at The Fix. This special pass allows you to pre-purchase ten aerial classes at a discounted rate, offering both value and flexibility to your fitness journey. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced aerialist, this pass is the perfect way to commit to your practice and see consistent progress.


Enjoy the freedom to join any aerial class that fits your schedule and skill level. Soar to new heights in your aerial arts journey while enjoying the convenience and savings of our 10-Class Aerial Pass.


Discover New Possibilities with Our Memberships

Embrace a world of fitness and community with our membership options at The Fix. Our memberships are designed to offer you unlimited access to a variety of classes, from aerial arts to yoga, fitting all your fitness needs. With a membership, you not only enjoy the flexibility of attending multiple classes but also become a part of a supportive and thriving community.


Our members benefit from exclusive discounts on workshops and events, personalized guidance from our expert instructors, and a sense of belonging in a space where every journey is celebrated. Join us as a member and be part of something bigger – a journey of health, growth, and community.




Find your class and book today.

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